PCC Panel

Power Control Centre is considered to be the heart of an electrical system in any industry. Its offer to users long term reliability, safety, low maintenance & testing time.

Power Control Centre (PCC Panel)

VCIPL is the leading manufacture of PCC panels (Power Control Centre) in India, which are used for diverse industrial applications and provide reliable and effective service. These panels are manufactured as per client's specifications and requirements which very well meet with the industry demands.

Power Control Centre is considered to be the heart of an electrical system in any industry. Therefore it shall offer users long term reliability, safety, low maintenance & testing time.

Vidhyut offers state of art VC-5100 series PCC panels, manufactured by employing modern engineering practices with consideration of safety & reliability main aspects of this series.

It has got numerous added features which were incorporated with the help of inhouse product analysis and continuous field feedback. VC-5100 PCCs are manufactured as per latest international standards link IEC439, EN60934, and IS8623 etc.


Incomer ACB is assembled in single tier. However, up to 1600A OUTGOING ACBs can be assembled in TWO Tier arrangements.

Similarly, 630A MCCB/FSU is accommodated in 3 compartments per bay, 250/400A feeders in 4 compartments/bays.

In TWO TEAR ACB FEEDER, the outgoing ACB links are made of different in length for easy cable termination, depending on cable incoming. Also for bottom ACB, vertical dropper is taken for ACB bus bar I/C Connection.

Rear Side of the panel is divided into two sections, first to accommodate vertical Bus bar dropper with a hinged door fabricated with perforated CRCA SHEET in between for a perfect combination of shrouding with the facility of heat dissipation & visibility. Alternatively, for single tier ACB feeder Hinged ACRYLIC DOOR is provided.

Technical Specification

Rated Insulator Voltage : 660 Volts
Rated Operator Voltage : 415V_+ 10%
Withstand voltage : 8-KV
Rated Current : 1000, 1250A, 1600A,2000A, 2500A, 3000A,4000A, 5000A, 6300A
Fault level : 50KA for 1 Sec, 42KA for 1 sec, 35KA for 1 sec
Ambient Temp : 50°C
Temp. Rise : 35°C over ambient
Busbar Support : SMC/FRP
Degree of protection : IP-54
Dimension (mm) : H=2400, D=1000/1200/1400/1600, W=600, 800, 1100 (multiple)

Wire & Termination

Power wiring is done with colored flexible, copper multi stranded wires from leading manufacturers.

Feeder Sizes

VC 5100 series is totally front & rear access. Sizes are standardized for interchangeability of feeder if required as width & depth is fixed. The height use to vary in multiple of 225/300/450/600/900/1200 etc.

Salient Features

»  A perfect compartmentalized construction where the partition sheet goes till EXTREME END OF REAR PANEL.

»  Spacious arrangement is made for cable termination ensuring comfortable operation & easy maintenance.

»  Metallic/Transparent barriers are provided , within the cubicle for prevention of human contract with live part accidentally.

»  Provision of double door at rear of the panel.

»  Panels are very sleek and aesthetics is excellent.

»  Each panel is provided with plastic drawing pocket to house relevant drawings.

»  Bolted modular construction facilities modification, retrofitting, extensibility in minimum possible time.

»  Provision of additional door flap over steel lock causing further barrier to unauthorized operation and excellent aesthetics.

»  Specially designed concealed profile of neoprene is used for gasketing to ensure dust protection.

»  Use of quarter turnkey flush type steel door locks for convenient operation.

»  HIGH TENSILE BOLT & CONICAL WASHERS for busbar connection.

»  Mimic diagram is provided.

»  Tool box is provided.

»  Perforated sheet shroud to main horizontal busbar chamber.

»  Phase sequence meter is provided.

»  Every bay is provided space heater, thermostat & backup protection for anti condensation.

»  Cubicles having controls are equipped with lamp & socket.

»  Two nos. of power socket including MCB/fuses are provided to avoid undesired unsafe wire tapping from bus bar (as an option.)

»  Dish type extensible door is provided.

We have a wide range of PCC Panels from 630A to 6300A to match every user's requirement in any industry.

Benefits at a glance

»  Compact, safe and reliable.

»  Type tested assemblies offering highest reliability.

»  For every rated current range, optimum connection conditions for cables and busbars.

»  Separate function compartments consisting of a switching device, auxiliary equipment and a cable connection compartment for safety.

»  User friendly

»  Free choice of the supply direction without any sacrifices in terms of technical specifications.

»  High short-time current carrying capacity for time-graded short-circuit protection (up to 1 second) assures reliable operation of the switchboard without being affected by short-circuit.

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